haldern pop 2013

We posted some photos of our Haldern Pop 2013 workshops, rehearsals and shows here - in chronological order.

(and while we were at it, we added just some pictures of the other many shows we so enjoyed hearing and seeing live at Haldern Pop.)

ps: Just in case you are roaming you might want to know that this is a single page loading 9 MB of photos.

villagers rehearsing with stargaze
Jherek Bishoff performing with stargaze
villagers performing with stargaze
Owen Pallet open recording with stargaze
These New Puritans rehearsing and performing with stargaze
The Metz Show
The Buke & Gase Show
stargaze lab with buke & gase
The Denis Jones Show
The Käpt'n Peng und die Tentakel von Delphi Show